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Carmelitani Farmacia Sant'Anna

The monastery, located on the top of the hill of Bachern, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the harbor and the old city, was established in 1584 as the first settlement of the Discalced Carmelite Fathers of St. Anne in Genoa. Today the monastery is easily reached by going up the hills that surround the foothills central Piazza Corvetto. The first documented traces of a "pharmacopoeia" run by the Discalced Carmelites in Genoa in the years 1721-1729 are found in the convent of St. Charles, whose church still exists can be seen near the station at Piazza Principe. The documents in this regard are not very accurate, but does suggest an institution subsidized by the religious and likely to care for the population. Among the most widely used product use white sugar, decoction of cinchona, salts of England, cinnamon, rubella, flower poppy ointment, an interesting "drink the spirit of incense, myrrh, aloe and spirits." Some of the specialties then in use today are produced: the syrup of roses, a classic of pharmacy, refreshing, refreshing and a mild laxative, syrup of marshmallow, cough and allergies, sweet almond oil, an ingredient of ointments against irritation cutanee.I Carmelite Friars are currently preparing, in their modern laboratories, a diverse range of herbal products (based solely on natural products) greatly appreciated, reworking the old recipes handed down from about three centuries, enriched by the contributions the current scientific knowledge. Brother Ezio and his staff welcome and advise those who, from various parts of Italy, visiting the ancient herbal convent.