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Benedettini Muri Gries

Are the accounts of Bolzano to the late 11th century set up a point 'support fortified center of' old 'Cheller "today's" Gries "- as in Antipolo city of Bolzano, then in the hands of the bishops of Trento. Gries name appears for the first time in 1185 but only in the 15th century, replacing the old name of the area "Cheller. The 1845 is the year of birth of Muri-Gries: the Benedictine monastery of Muri hunted in the Swiss canton, received the donation in 1027, taking lodging in the monastery of Gries. Opens a new chapter in the history of ancient castles and monasteries Gries: the history of Muri-Gries The Benedictine monks apply the traditional rule "ora et labora" even in monastic vineyards. The cellar of Muri-Gries opens its doors early 20th century. In 1968, the convent cellar faces a turning point: the first bottling of wines produced is in the cellar of Muri-Gries. The classic sale of bulk wine persists for a few years, especially on the local market in South Tyrol. Increasingly, however, requires a coherent concept of quality. Muri-Gries recognizes the values of the ancient and often neglected local vineyards, reviving awareness of their own tradition. Focus on quality of its grapes and exploit their own resources: these are the elements that make the success of the convent basement.