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Andechs-Benedict Abtei Abazzia Benedetti

This is an ancient Benedictine monastery located on the outskirts of Monaco of Bavaria. And 'one of the few monasteries that still produces beer in Germany directly. According to legend, back in the tenth century St. Rasso put here to secure the relics, gathered in the Holy Land, and in the twelfth century the Count Berthold gathered the "sacred things", ie the three holy wafers. In 1388 there was an event: the discovery of the sacred wafers. From this date began to flourish on a pilgrimage to the "Holy Mountain". Even today the shrine is visited and famous, and not only in Bavaria. But it seems to me that not only the senses, not just the religious art of great prestige to lead people to the sanctuary and the monastery but perhaps above all the famous Andechs beer. This drink is made using an ancient recipe of the Benedictines who live on the mountain since 1451. Why is this monastery was built in 400? It 's an interesting story: the Bavarian Duke Albrecht III, who lived in Straubing on the Danube married Agnes Bernauer, daughter of a hairdresser in Augusta. Since this marriage did not conform to the social status of the father Albrecht poor Agnes sentenced to death in a terrible way: in 1435 made ​​her drown in the river Danube. How dell'atrocità expiation of his father, Albrecht founded the monastery on the "Holy Mountain".