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Tisane gramigna composed - Camaldoli 100g

Tisana alla gramigna composta nr 1 - 100g - Farmacia di Camaldoli

The Bermuda grass (Agropyrum repens) is a plant of the family Gramineae. Also known as wild wheat, it has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory useful for the kidneys, against cystitis and cellulite as it contains high doses cricitina very diuretic substance. Another compound, the agropirene, present in conspicuous quantity in the weeds, exerts a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory on the kidneys and the urinary tract. The Bermuda grass herbal tea to the pharmacy of Camaldoli is shown against edema and hypertension, because it determines, in most hypertensive patients treated, a decrease in pressure is maximum that minimum. As draining hepatobiliary is recommended in detoxifying. The assumption of the weeds is to be avoided in patients effects from nephritis or electrolyte imbalance.




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