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Tisane bladderwrack composed - Camaldoli 100g

Tisana alla quercia marina composta 100g - Farmacia di Camaldoli

The wrack is useful to use at the beginning of a crash diet as favoring thyroid function and stimulating the replacement general, is, at times, the starter of the slimming process. It was described for the first time in 1862 by the doctor Duchesne as regards its "quality" slimming which rightly attributed to the regularization of the metabolism of fat obtained through an endocrine stimulation. The action of the sea oak, that you start to show after at least three weeks of therapy, is localized mainly in the seats more rich in fat (hips, thighs, etc.). The bladderwrack as almost all natural extracts may have contraindications and side effects if consumed by people in particular physical states. The possible side effects are caused mainly by the high percentage of iodine present in sea oak and this in people with particular allergies or thyroid disease should avoid taking this herbal tea to wrack Pharmacy Camaldoli (same goes for pregnant women interesting or breastfeeding).




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