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Tisana al carciofo composto - Camaldoli

Tisana al carciofo composto 100g - Farmacia di Camaldoli

The infusion or tea made with the leaves of the artichoke are truly miraculous in terms of stimulation of diuresis and elimination of toxins. The taste is very bitter, but the benefit is assured: your belly deflates, you eliminate excess fluids, reactivates circulation. The substances contained in the artichoke as cynarin, an active ingredient that promotes diuresis and biliary secretion, are in fact able to purify the liver; the artichoke is a food cholesterol lowering, or which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, thanks to the presence of inulin. It is also a valuable source of potassium and iron salts and the presence of acid colorogenico makes it a great antioxidant. Among the mineral contents it is to remember the potassium, sodium and phosphorus. Among the vitamins artichoke mention especially those in group B, and vitamin C. The herbal tea made from artichoke becomes an excellent adjuvant in diets cleansing and detoxifying, ideal to awaken the body and open the body on arrival of spring. Become a great ally to counter the harmful effects of binge winter and re-start the various organs; the ideal would be to assume a couple of cups a day, between meals, for about a month.

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