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Propolis Soap 125g - Camaldoli

Sapone al propoli 125g - Camaldoli

The propolis is derived from resinous substances collected by bees and then processed by some of their glands with a further enrichment of the enzymes contained therein. Inside the hive propolis it is used to seal, disinfect and mummify foreign bodies that bees can not expel; it is characterized by very heterogeneous between their various components (fatty acids, terpenes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals), the percentage of which varies according to the seasons and the type of vegetation and the bees that collect it. According to numerous studies, the propolis is constituted by resins, balms (50-55%) and waxes (20-25%), plant pigments, flavonoids which provide antimicrobial properties, battereostatiche and bactericidal, thus remaining unchanged in time. The soap propolis Pharmacy of Camaldoli maintains the same properties of propolis, making this soap designed for acne-prone skin, stained, oily. Suitable for washing hands thoroughly or other body parts when you need to have an antibacterial effect.



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