Vitorchiano Trappist nuns

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In 1875 was founded in San Vito, near Turin, the first women in Italy La Trappe, with a small group of French nuns. Marked by a history of poverty, dedication and sacrifice, holy vocations humble and holy, the community had to pass through many difficulties and trials of all kinds. Transferred in 1898 near Rome, Grottaferrata, once in 1957 migrated to the beautiful stretches of the Lazio, in Vitorchiano (VT), when the influx of young people and conditions of the old monastery no longer met the demands of life Cistercian. Characterized by a great appreciation of liturgy, community life, self-sacrifice in the service available in work and asceticism, the community consists of about 75 nuns, of all ages, from various regions of Italy and also from countries of the world. The work which the community lives is predominantly agricultural – vineyard, orchard, olive trees, fruit trees – along with a small scale development to the production of jams and dissemination of images of prints and greetings cards.