St. Feuillien

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  • The Brasserie Saint Feuillien was founded in 1873 by the family Friart, Le Roeulx; named after an Irish missionary, Saint Foillan or Faelan (born in 655) who died beheaded in what was a forest before the construction of Le Roeulx; the place of his death, his disciples built a chapel in 1125 which became the Abbey Premontres, later known as the Abbey of St. Feuillien from Roeulx. The building was destroyed during the turmoil of the French Revolution. The brewery continued to operate until 1980, when it was closed; Friart family, however, continued to operate as a drinks and beer, while the production of some beers continued at the facilities of Du Bocq. In 1988, some heirs (Benoit and Dominique Friart) reopened the brewery on behalf Brasserie Friart, ricambiandone then the name in 2000. In the early years the production’s focus was to produce commissioned Heineken brand Affligem, continuing instead to achieve their beers at the Du Bocq. Only in recent years, following the enlargement of the production plants, most of the beers St. Feuillien are back “home.” The brewery is now also known for some productions bottled in generous sizes of 1.5, 3 and also 9 liters!