Priorato Pietro Paolo-Cascinazza

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The monastic community of SS. Peter and Paul to Cascinazza Buccinasco, was born on 29 June 1971. Set on the outskirts of Milan (in the so-called “Low”), in recent years has drawn its material mainly due to agricultural activity carried out directly by the monks. Manual work is an integral part of the Benedictine monastic life, according to the same St. Benedict (480-547) prescribes in his Rule: “are truly monks if they live the work of their hands.”

Since 2004, however, we began to look for new work activities that could supplement the farm income, now too low to keep the community which now has 17 people.

After evaluating several opportunities, we decided to take on the job of brewing that, thanks to the help of many friends, he could see the start in 2008, with the creation of the first micro brewery run entirely by Italian monks. In 2005 two of us spent a period of training in Belgium, at some abbeys which produce some of the best beers in the world. There they could see and learn from the long experience of the monks the criteria and the production technique. This type of work fits well in the wake of a rich and ancient tradition that, since the Middle Ages, has seen many abbeys, especially in northern Europe, as important places of production of this drink. But, more importantly, this type of activity, fully managed and organized according to the rhythms and needs of the monastery, it allows us to preserve the key elements of our Benedictine monastic life.

The job of brewing is therefore aimed at the service of life of the Community and its growth, not only material but also of faith. For this reason, the number of bottles produced annually is deliberately limited; This also allows us to always follow carefully all stages of the production process. This job requires in fact a particular precision during all the steps because of the complexity of the product, and the only way to ensure high quality. In this sense, time is critical. Do not be in a hurry but respect the natural process of fermentation and maturation of beer to get the most flavor profile. Following the “production method Belgian”, our beers are fermented in the bottle. Our craftsmanship, not followed by any filtration process, or pasteurization, provides the opportunity to enjoy a “live” product, which evolves and matures over time.