Pharmacy of Camaldoli

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  • The Holy Monastery of Camaldoli Hermitage and are immersed in an ancient forest of the Tuscan-Romagna. Founded between 1024 and 1025 by San Romualdo, Monaco Benedictine sinks its roots in the ancient monastic tradition of the Christian East and the West that is seen in St. Benedict (c. V-VI). Camaldoli combines the community dimension and the lonely life of Monaco, expressed respectively in the Holy Hermitage and the Monastery are one community. The traditional coat of arms, consisting of two doves that drank only one cup, symbolically expresses this communion in diversity fueled by the relationship with God For natural vocation Camaldoli has played and acts as the bridge between the monastic traditions of East and West. With the Second Vatican Council has once again become the preferred meeting place of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.