Agostiniani Abbazia di Novacella

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The origins of the vast complex of buildings of the Abbey of Neustift date back to 1142 that is when Bishop Hartmann, made the seat of Augustine. Since its founding Neustift offered shelter to pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land and was an important spiritual and cultural center known throughout Europe. Neustift is still famous for its rich library and extensive initiatives in the field of culture, and also for its wine cellar. Woods, fields and vineyards, but also offers board, convention center and the cellar itself guarantee Abbey still its economic independence. For over 850 years the Canons Regular of St. Augustine are dedicated to education, the Abbey is still home to a college with high school attended by students from various parts of the province. For more than 30 years the vocation education is also addressed to adults, since 1970 the Abbey of Neustift in fact there is a Convention Center that is dedicated to vocational training and spiritual themes through which the Bible, the ecological environment and information technology.