Abbaye Notre Dame de sacre Coeur

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Westmalle monastery was founded in 1794 by monks from La Trappe fleeing the Revolution French and then follows this rule. The first monks arrived from La Trappe in Antwerp, and the Bishop asked the city to stop giving them a farm in where still stands the Abbey, which eventually became known as “relentlessly”. The name initially had to ongoing work required fields, is still searching for God dell’incessante symbol of the monks. This small farm was organized originally as a monastery, but the number of monks continued to increase until April 22 1836, was raised to the rank of Abbey. The monks had always been drinking during their lunches frugal in what area is the usual beverage, ie beer. So when that year came the first abbot began building a small brewery. Initially the production was for internal use only. In 1856 the monks began to sell occasionally a few bottles at their gates, and were so successful that they had to expand the brewery. In the following years the complex was renovated and enlarged again too dairy. In 1921 the monks decided to use external distributors for their beer, and this allowed a further increase in sales. The chain bottling was modernized in 1956 and 1968 was prepared in its own sewage treatment plant water. In 1991 they installed a computerized system to control production to keep pace with the times and offer more and better quality. In the same vein in 2000 was rebuilt and the bottling plant were built new ripening rooms underground, where conditions are ideal for beer. For almost 170 years the ingredients are the best available, highest quality and purity, and each investment is intended to improve it further.