Herbal tea with fennel compound – Camaldoli 100g.


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Has always been known as an excellent remedy for swelling belly, the herbal tea fennel pharmacy Camaldoli finds space in general help to solve those problems, which slow digestion and gastric dyspepsia, especially when accompanied by bloating, belching and flatulence ; It can also be used to alleviate the abdominal pain of digestive origin (colic, such as those of the newborn). Potentially useful is also the effect on thinner fennel catarrhal discharges, in addition to the well known effect flavoring. The carminative properties of the plant, known to the ancient Egyptians, favoring the physiological elimination of intestinal gas and help digestion, helping to alleviate the nagging sense of bloating. For the preparation of tea using the fruits of fennel, improperly called seeds, which contain volatile oils responsible for the aforementioned properties eupeptic and carminative. The occasional use of herbal tea fennel is not prohibited in any age group; It not recommended however prolonged use at high doses, while it is recommended the preventive medical examination in the presence of diseases and physiological conditions (pregnancy, breastfeeding, infants). Intake of herbal teas fennel is traditionally suggested to the nurse after each feeding or given directly to the small bottles with between meals and the other; everything in order to stimulate the secretion of milk of the mother and reduce the occurrence of colic in the newborn, which often accompany it in the first 3-4 months of life.

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