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The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the essential oil of Eucalyptus have been demonstrated as well as antiviral properties (especially influenza). Finally, a last interesting property of the leaves of ‘Eucalyptus is to be hypoglycemic and therefore, as such, may be used as an adjuvant in an antidiabetic treatment. The main essence contained in this plant and the eucalyptol and is used in countless products against cough, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, thanks to the balsamic and antiseptic properties. Its disinfectant instead may constitute a valuable help in the treatment of cystitis and of all infections localized in the apparatus urogenital. Even the headache is a bitter enemy nell’eucaliptolo. In fact it is possible, with this material, thanks to treat migraine analgesic and antinevralgiche. Widespread on the market are the sweets made from eucalyptus that can serve as an excellent soothing to the respiratory disorders. Eucalyptus is used in herbal medicine for internal use for its properties: balsamic, bechiche, antibacterial, mucolytic, expectorant and hypoglycemic, while for external use has antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus is then used for internal use in the treatment of bronchial disorders, cough, otitis and adenoids. The balsamic was also held in the form of natural herbal tea. It just leave to infuse about 3 grams of dried leaves for 10 minutes, holding the cup or teapot blanket to prevent the volatile components beneficial go airborne. Once ready the infusion “catturatene” the first smoke with deep breaths, so as to fully exploit the potential healing. Do not forget also the beneficial effect also guaranteed by eucalyptus honey, especially if “boosted” by the addition of a few cloves. It is a powerful remedy in the treatment of the most common flu symptoms, from cold to cough.

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