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Monastero Germagno

The Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul in Germagno (VB) is a Benedictine priory of the Subiaco Congregation Cassinese and was established in 1971. Set on the slopes of Mount Massone, leans - as a natural balcony - on Lake Orta. The community currently consists of eleven brothers monks who were joined eight "brothers and sisters in the world", and a sister who lives a monastic commitment more directly near the Monastery. A member of the community has been established for several years in the diocese of Aosta Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, sharing his life with a diocesan hermit. While the differences between an original vocation that imposes, all seek to witness a single "community", passionate for the good of each of its members, which is committed to live by the prospects of what good zeal, that Benedict describes in Chapter 72 of the his Rule.