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Monache Benedettine di Pistoia

By ancient tradition common to all the Benedictine monastic communities, whether male or female, to the monastery over the activities of embroidery, graver, pyrography, creation of illuminated manuscripts, this was always a pharmacy or Pharmacy where you produce medicinal liquor electuary (compounds medicated with honey and sugar) and some other specified basis of "simple", ie medicinal herbs grown in the garden of the Monastery. The turning point for the pharmacy of the monastery took place on the course in mid del'ottocento with the start of production of a compound of herbs that ensured a very effective cure for the ills caused by uremia. Mother Rosalie is in charge of the Old Apothecary of the Benedictine Monastery of Pistoia. In fact, the nuns take care always to prepare the oranges that still grow wild in the garden of the Monastery, gaining jams, candies, and especially the traditional Rosolio of China, news of which is already in the chronicles of 700. Today the monastery has a modern laboratory, equipped and functioning according to the rules in force.