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Marseille soap - Camaldoli

Sapone di Marsiglia 125gr - Farmacia di Camaldoli

The attribution of the origin of this soap to the city of Marsiglie is incorrect. To give reason, it must be recalled that in Gallipoli, a port of considerable importance between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, fought for the price of the whole of Europe. It was here that the use of add soda to the by-product of the olives from which it could extract more oil ... that's why it would be more correct to call it soap "Gallipoli" and no soap. The soap plant of Gallipoli Pharmacy Camaldoli (facciaccia your, Marseille!), It is recommended to clean and respect the epidermis. Completely plant and 100% natural, is ideal for cleansing of all skin types, even those sensitive, dry, dehydrated and prone to redness. The ingredients are: soda, vegetable fats and perfume gr.125



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