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Chartreuse VEP Verte 100cl.

Chartreuse VEP Verte (Verde) 100cl. - Monastero Grand Chartreuse

Chartreuse V.E.P. (Extended to exceptional aging) is manufactured by the same method as the Chartreuse traditional secret, but his prolonged aging gives it a flavor and incomparable finesse.

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, 130 plants and flowers.
Green Chartreuse VEP: 54 ° / Yellow Chartreuse VEP: 42 °

Presentation: Bottle characteristic cork sealed with wax, label-cons also sealed with wax with the emblem of La Grande Chartreuse.
Wooden box marked with a hot iron.
The amount available each year is limited, every bottle identification number.

Tasting: a soft and subtle digestive which is eaten fresh.



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