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Camaldoli Arnica 50 ml

Arnica di Camaldoli 50 ml - Farmacia di Camaldoli

Arnica in the cream Pharmacy Camaldoli is a plant that is found throughout Europe in abundance in the Alps. Arnica has anti-inflammatory properties mainly, only topical (applied directly to the skin of the diseased part). It is then used in traumatology in case of post-traumatic edema (fractures, sprains, bruises, contusions, compressions, bruises, sprain, fracture edema), atralgie and disorder in nature, rheumatoid arthritis, joint effusion and phlebitis not ulcerative. Arnica is widely used in the formulation of products for sports massage and patches acting antirheumatic. Medicinal properties of Arnica: anti-inflammatory, antiechimatose, antitraumatiche, analgesic, antineuralgic, antirheumatic, revulsive, stimulating nervine.




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