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Balm cream with menthol Camaldoli 100 ml

Balsamo Crema al Mentolo 100ml. - Farmacia di Camaldoli

Menthol is extracted from the oil of peppermint because it is made up to 45%. It 'a refreshing unparalleled, in the case of menthol balm cream Pharmacy Camaldoli, is inserted into the product as an adjunct in the treatment of bruises, torticollis, rheumatic pains or as simple refreshing. Attention, menthol is a powerful refreshing, if used in excessive doses can cause redness or dermatitis. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Searches of the University of Padua have shown as menthol can activate the consumption of fat body from hypothermia. Our organism, if it reaches the temperature below 35 ° C activates the consumption of body fat for the development of heat. Menthol would seem to be so refreshing to turn this activity in the body.




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