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Abbaye Mont de Cats

The first brewery in the abbey of Mont des Cats was created in 1848, one year before the production of cheese. Was soon expanded to become part of the reconstruction of the abbey in 1898. On the left, the parish church, on the right the church and the buildings of the community, the far right of the laboratories. In 1850, the second pilot Vista monastery of the abbey in 1898 At that time it was necessary to feed the masons who worked on the construction of the abbey, and even beer was welcome. Designs and photographs of the time well attest to the presence of the brewery. The anti-clerical first century require foreign monks, many are from Mont des Cats, to go into exile. This explains the closure of the brewery in 1907. The first beer produced at the Abbey seems to have been a dark beer with low alcohol content. But he soon produced a beer fairer and stronger, so as not to compete with the local breweries. The beer was sold in wooden barrels with a round label on the cover. Photographs of where on earth that still belongs to the monastery we were grown hops. In 1918, during the last campaign of Germany in World War I, the abbey was bombed and most of the buildings were uninhabitable. The community from that time he lived mostly on his farm and dairy products. And lasted until the early 1970s, when production stopped and the land has been leased. The cheese was then, and for half a century, the main asset of the community. Today it seems necessary to find a second resource so that the financial future of the community is not based solely on the cheese. Just as each of us walking on two legs, our economy will be in better balance on both feet. With the history of the Mont des Cats and our ancient brewing tradition, we Quandi somehow in our genes beer ... Also, beer and cheese go together in the culinary traditions of Flanders. Resume the tradition of beer seemed like a good plan, and especially because it is a "renaissance" a hundred years after the last our first beer brewery. We can also study a cheese Mont des Cats honed in beer Mont des Cats to diversify our portfolio and join our two activities ... So we decided to market a premium beer. Among the various "special beers" that are offered on the market, it was necessary to opt for the quality of a Trappist beer. Thus was born the idea of ​​launching a new Trappist beer, beer Mont des Cats. To quickly respond to this question, we asked the help of the Abbey of Scourmont. According to the abbot of Scourmont, is in the nature of relations between each other Trappist abbeys. The support so far has always done in the form of material assistance (financial) or human (monks and nuns) in the service of another community. This is the first time that the principle of providing an industrial tool is considered as a specific beer brew for another community. The new beer of the Mount of Cats found in Chimay sufficient capacity to respond to our request, we initiated the study that resulted in a few months at the meeting that brings us together today. Let's talk about beer. It is in fact a Trappist beer as it is produced in a Trappist abbey and Trappist according to a recipe. Chimay has agreed to prepare us a beer-specific, so it's not a beer Chimay that would have to change the label. Some have suggested that the abbey of Mont des Cats build a brewery before launching his beer. But in the current climate, given the amounts that we would have to invest, with capacity constraints and quality for Trappist beer, was excluded at first. Perhaps one day we will try to build a brewery. Today we officially announce the launch of beer Mont des Cats.