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Abbaye Maria Toevlucht

The Abbey of Zundert is located near the Belgian border and is surrounded by forests and grasslands. In 1899 two of the monks' abbey of Tilburg left for Zundert. The farmer of the farm "De Kievit", Mr. Bart Nouws, provided them with temporary shelter. Quickly began building the first monastery. On Ascension Day, May 24, 1900 the Abbot of Tilburg consecrated the chapel. Twelve monks living the monastic life in this new monastery called "Maria Toevlucht" (Refuge of Mary) under the direction of Brother Nivardus Muis. After a difficult start - in 1909 the monks must leave the priory for a few months and take refuge at the Abbey of Westmalle - the life of the monastery becomes quiet. In the 50s there were about 80 monks. The breeding of dairy cows has long been the main source of revenue for the abbey. In addition, the abbey provvedeva completely to your needs thanks to a vegetable garden, crafts etc. From the late '60s the abbey began to accommodate a larger number of guests. The abbey is known for its sessions and meditation retreats for the brothers and for many guests. Today, each brother has a room where he can live the silence and solitude. In 2000, the community has decided to renew the guest, the concierge and the other buildings. The works were completed in January 2005. Today the 'Abbey has 21 monks. The shop is located in the abbey gatehouse. We are selling the same editions of 'Abbey: books, CDs, etc. as well as honey. There are also other religious books and products of several monastic abbeys. Recently, the abbey has concluded a cooperation agreement with "Natuurmonumenten" that help you manage a large part of the property (68 HA of meadows and woods).